Monday, February 14, 2011

Eye Candy for Valentine's Day - The Keith Moon Story

Kudos to Kate for taking the lead on this fabulous blog, as well as for her first post. She's right; I do like my men a little more rugged, but Leopold I was okay. I actually do like Byron...any man who has the pluck to wear a bizarre turban despite social trends, or to fight the Ottoman Empire just for the hell of it, earns a certain hotness quotient regardless of looks.

Check out this display of manliness.

Anyway. I realize that the subjects of this blog will be, in general, men from past epochs whose lives ended so long ago it no longer seems creepy to be chatting about their sexy jaw lines or provocative hat-tipping. However. Today is Valentine's Day, and I have no chocolate. Thus, I must subsist on the sweetness of perhaps the most undeniably attractive man who ever lived. I don't care if he only died in 1978. For today only, I will give in to my need for aesthetic pleasure and care not if I impress the readers of this blog with my historical acumen.

Who is worthy of such an honor, you ask? This sweet, sweet piece of "mandy," if you will, is none other than Keith Moon.

So much better than expensive chocolate.

So, yeah. Keith Moon was the drummer for The Who from 1964 until 1978, at which time his alcoholism led to an ill-prescribed bottle of sedatives, which led to his death. The only happy part of this story is that this chain of events led to Keith's right to be included in the blog. So I guess that's good.

Now, some might argue that there are more attractive musicians out there. What about Jim Morrison, you ask? Well, to hell with Jim Morrison! His music's great, but the only reason most women know about The Doors is because of that insanely popular poster of good old Jimbo that has made its way into college dorm rooms the world over. Don't get me wrong; he was a very attractive man. And his voice could seduce Hillary Clinton. But it's just not enough.

Keith Moon is better. His skill as a drummer is still the stuff of legend, and The Who would be nothing without him. And England would be nothing without The Who; their band logo can be found on every conceivable souvenir in London. It's even more popular than the boxers that mock the London Underground with a well-placed "Mind the gap->" graphic.

So, yeah. Keith Moon! Here's another picture (double your pleasure, double your fun!):

Look at that. Just...look! Revel.

Anyway, that's all I've got on Keith Moon. I'd talk more about him, but it'd just get depressing, because he was a pretty messed-up dude. So let's fixate on his insane drumming and good looks instead. If only I were in London...I bet you I could buy a box of souvenir chocolates with Keith's THAT would be an awesome way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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